Anthem (Try Hack Me)

# sudo openvpn <vpn-file-name>

NMAP (NETWORK MAP) -Enumeration

  • PS does a TCP Port Scan (Ping Scan). The output shows that the host is up and the discovered open ports.
# sudo nmap -PS <Target Machine IP>
  • PO stands for IP Protocol Ping.
  • We get a response “blocking the probes”.
# sudo -v -Pn -sCV -p0–65535 — reason <Target Machine IP>
  • v stands for verbose
  • -Pn skip host discovery and treat all hosts are up
  • -p0{sometimes port 0 might be open} so have given the range of ports to be scanned.
  • The reason flag is used to understand the reason why the port is open , closed or filtered and why the host is marked alive.
  • Port 80 (HTTP)
  • Port 3389 (Terminal Services)


# gobuster dir -u http://MTarget Machine IP> -w /usr/share/dirbuster/directry-list-2.3-small.txt — timeout 60s
#curl -s <Target Machine IP>/robots.txt

Final Stage:

# sudo rdekstop <Target Machine IP>: <Port No>
# Enable “Hidden Items”
# No Permission
# Click on Add
# After Full Controls are enabled you will be able to see the password of admin
# type root.txt




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